Top 8 Family Cars for Road Trips and Vacation


#3. Mitsubishi L200

3. Mitsubishi L200
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The Mitsubishi L200, being known as a utilitarian vehicle, is one of the best choices on the list. For camping or overnight events which require tents, outdoor or sleeping equipment, the L200’s bed provides good cargo space for all your belongings.

It has enough room for five people including the driver and the front passenger. This double cab pickup is also reasonably priced and definitely gives you more than you asked for.

#4. Toyota HiAce
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This very long van, without a doubt, is a great fit for big families. With a 15 person seating capacity, it can accommodate one to two families or even more at a push. And although you may be able to squeeze in the whole family, your passengers will never be uncomfortable with the rear end air conditioning system.

The HiAce is also a great choice for long journeys and vacations. It is also possible to carry a lot of luggage without it feeling too crowded inside.