Top 8 Family Cars for Road Trips and Vacation


#7. Hyundai Grand Starex 12 Seater 

7. Hyundai Grand Starex 12 Seater
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The Hyundai Grand Starex, like the Toyota HiAce, is a great pick for large families. With a ten to twelve seating capacity, it has room for two families or more. It is spacious and very family oriented, hence making it one of the best choices on the list.

The van’s features- an LCD Touchscreen with AM, FM, CD, WMA, MP4 options as well as a DVD player- are great sources of entertainment for passengers. Plus, it also has Aux, USB, and Bluetooth connectivity. Surely no passenger will be bored during a long trip.

8. Isuzu Crosswind

8. Isuzu Crosswind
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An all-time favorite, the Isuzu Crosswind is a reliable vehicle for long distance travels. It may have been on the market for quite a while now but it still remains one of the best-selling SUVs in the country.

Although the advised seating capacity of the Crosswind is only seven, it can take up to ten passengers plus the driver. And even then, there is still an ample amount of space for cargo.

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