Best places to visit for Honeymooners


Best places to visit for Honeymooners

Honeymoon. A time to celebrate that union between two people who are madly in love and are beginning their new life together. It’s a time to steal away from the madness of the world and rest in the presence of the one who will share life with you. Honeymoon are meant to be unique, spectacular, restful, and romantic. They are meant to be once in a lifetime experiences whose memories will endure for ever. So if you are wanting a memorable honeymoon and are wondering where on earth to take it, consider these 25 best places to go for your honeymoon.

#25 Kenya

#25 Kenya
Images by (Hot air ballon: Wajahat Mahmood, Rhino: Franco Pecchio, Elephant: Christopher Michel)

If you are into African wildlife and want a wild honeymoon vacation consider Kenya. Home to vast plains and animals such as the wildebeest, gazelle, zebra, and big cats your honeymoon will be brimming with wild encounters. Every honeymoon needs a spectacular abode and in Kenya, House of Waine would be that place. A friendly staff, fabulously themed rooms, and a good central location to pretty much everything makes House of Waine a great value to consider for your honeymoon.

#24 California

#24 California
Images by (Couple: Emmanuel_D.Photography, Mountains: Jeff P, Downtown LA: Danny Perez Photography)

Honeymooners will really enjoy California. It’s like a tightly packed package of incredible experiences boasting of great weather, great natural sceneries and Hollywood…need we say more? Stay at Loews Hollywood Hotel to be close to all the tourist attractions.

#23 Florida

#23 Florida
Images by: Car: Tom Wolf, Roller Coaster: Jeremy Thompson, South Beach: Phillip Pessar, Sunset: joiseyshowaa

Florida has something for everyone (seriously, everyone). From lounging on incredible beaches to enjoying thrill rides at theme parks like Universal Studios, Florida will not disappoint you. If you’re looking at a laid back sort-of Honeymoon, check out Key West with it’s tropical atmosphere and it’s friendly locals you’re bound to find relaxation. But if you’re looking for more of a nightlife party atmosphere, South Beach is where it’s at. Stay at the Angler’s Miami South Beach Resort for tranquil place to come to after all the partying.

#22 Ko Samui, Thailand

#22 Ko Samui, Thailand
Images by: Valley: Nicolas Vollmer, Beach: Bastian Stein, Floating Lantern: Nick Hewson

Labeled as Thailand’s most popular honeymoon destination, Ko Samui is a large island in the Gulf of Siam with a wide array of stunning beaches. The island is part of the Angthong Marine National Park which guarantees honeymooners ample opportunities for exploration and adventure including kayaking, snorkeling and diving. Are your bags packed and ready to go? Then be sure to book your stay at the luxurious Sunset Beach Resort and Spa in Taling Ngam Beach where they will blow you away with Spas, romantic decor, and a friendly staff.

#21 Cook Islands

#21 Cook Islands
Images by: Island: Christina Spicuzza, Beach: Tomas Sobek, Sunset: Benedict Adam

Lying between New Zealand and Hawaii in the South Pacific, the 15 Cook Islands boast of calm blue lagoons, untouched and pristine natural habitats, idyllic and warm weather, and a restful atmosphere. If you spend your honeymoon here, you can look forward to waking up every morning in paradise with fresh clean air, no loud and obnoxious noises, and dramatic views that are hard to imagine. If you’ve made up your mind to spend your honeymoon here, check out Sea Change Villas. Hosting secluded and private villas, a host of amenities, beautiful decor, and a team of some of the friendlies staff you will ever meet, you absolutely can’t go wrong here.