Best places to visit for Honeymooners


#20 New Zealand

#20 New Zealand
Images by: Mountains: Tom Hall, Aloe plant: J Brew, Tui Bird: Sid Mosdell, Plains: Dave Young, Auckland: Jaafar Alnasser

You’re in for a treat when you choose New Zealand as your honeymoon destination. Most of the natural sceneries here, especially those in the colder parts of the country, are so unique and extravagant that some of them have been used for TV and films, including the movie Lord of the Rings. And with only 4 million people in a place that’s as big as the UK, you won’t have to deal with an overabundance of people no matter where you go. Complete your honeymoon package by staying at the Millbrook Resort which overlooks a golf course surrounded by stunning hills.

#19 Aruba

#19 Aruba
Images by: Paradise: Salvatore Freni Jr, Sunset couple: Alexandre Breveglieri, Sunset Boats: Harvey Barrison

Imagine walking along seven miles of white-sand beaches, snorkeling in clear blue waters, and going from one island to another by foot or by boat. You can even ride a horse or a glass-bottom boat along the beach. Boasting of near perfect weather year-round, Aruba can be a relaxing destination. But if you forgo the incredible party scene, shopping, and watersport activities while here, you’ll really be missing out. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resorts Aruba seems to be the popular resort in Aruba and is designed for adults only (that’s right, no children).

#18 Australia, Byron Bay

#18 Australia, Byron Bay
Images by: Handglider and Beach: S Baker, Lighthouse: Edurado M.C., Surfing: Sander van Dijk, Sunset: Aidan Beanland

Australia is HUGE! So it really depends as to what you are looking for when it comes to Honeymooning here. You could go over to Barossa Valley where they have beautiful wineries and fine food or maybe even Melbourne, a vibrant city full of incredible restaurants, top notch shopping, and tons of entertainment. However, if you are like most honeymooners, you probably want a place to relax and Byron Bay delivers just that. Take your fill of pristine beaches, incredibly wild rain forests (located nearby), and a overall and incredible laid back atmosphere. And if you want the ultimate in luxury and comfort, check out La Vista Byron Bay Resort featuring separate villas with incredible views of the ocean and surrounding hills.

#17 US Virgin Islands

#17 US Virgin Islands
Images by: Mountain view: F H Mira, Sail boat: bvi4092, Turtle: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

This chain of over 50 islands hosts an infinite number of pristine bays, coves and beaches which work together to offer honeymooners a natural and peaceful honeymoon experience. But nature is not all the Virgin Islands has to offer. Enjoy the world famous, duty-free shopping experience for everything from jewelry to clothing. And don’t miss out on local arts such as silk screened fabrics, perfumes, candles and more. Consider staying at The Buccaneer resort for a luxurious gateways right next to Mermaid beach.

#16 Costa Rica

#16 Costa Rica
Images by: Sunset: Armando Maynez, Forest: Bruce Thomson, Bridge: Alex Elfon

Ah Costa Rica! Host to exclusive boutique hotels, luxury world class resorts, lush hot springs, gorgeous beaches, and stunning natural beauty. Honeymooners can go hiking trough dense and beautiful tropical rainforests which are homes to some of the most exotic creatures in the world. If you want something more daring, take a trip down the whitewaters of Rio Toro, or take a canopy ride high above the trees in Manuel Antonio National Park. Whatever you decide to do, Costa Rica is a honeymoon destination you wont regret traveling to. To make your honeymoon even more memorable, consider staying in Manuel Antonio National Park in the stunning Arenas del Mar Beachfront and Rainforest Resort.