Steps to reduce stress in work


Step #7

Get enough sleep
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Get enough sleep. Get as much as 8-10 hours of sleep everyday—no matter how busy or hectic your schedules are. Practice ‘good sleeping hygiene.’ That means going to bed and waking up at the same time, not drinking a lot of caffeine or alcohol. Also, don’t use the bed for much more than sleep. Avoid eating, watching TV, or readings on bed as these things could only make you hold yourself back from sleeping.

Step #8

Exercise and WorkOut
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Exercise. Moderate amounts of exercise can actually help your mood. You will have more energy and require less sleep.

Step #9

Eat Healthy
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Eat healthy foods. It could certainly lower your stress level. Furthermore, eating your meals properly at the right time can do so much wonder to your weary mind and body. Never ever skip meals. Even if you are on the rush going to work, never ever skip breakfast. Eating breakfast contribute a lot in making you totally rev up and brisk for the entire working day.

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