Top 10 Most Expensive Underwear For Men


We have always thought that women’s items of clothing are the ones that cost a fortune. So if you want to buy a lady lingerie, you have to budget. Well, as it turns out, men’s underwear can also be very expensive.

For anyone who wants to spoil and pamper the men in their lives, here are some of the options available. Chances are they will cost an arm and two legs, but it will all be worth it in the end. Some of them are fashioned so that they provide maximum comfort. Others are made so that they protect the precious goods of the wearer.

If you are a lover of sports and outdoor activities then have no fear, as there are underwear which have been made with absorbent materials. No fear of sweat and irritation down there.

As for all you well-endowed men, you have not been forgotten as there are underwear which are adjustable for the best possible fit. The material used to make these under garments range from fine silk to soft cotton so one can be assured of quality and comfort.

10. 2(x)ist Gold Range Underwear – $35 Per Pair

2(x)ist Gold Range Underwear – $35 Per Pair

These drawers are made of a mix of fabrics. This is a very convenient pair for those who do not like underwear that clings to the body. It goes for $35 and comes in all sizes so everyone can get their hands on this underwear. The fashion label that makes this product was founded in 1991 and this particular collection of underwear is aimed to dress those who consider themselves bold and also beautiful. This underwear has a no show trunk and a gilded gold waistband sporting the company logo so everyone you strip for will know who’s underwear you buy.

9. Bon Bon Body Wear Underwear – $39 Per Pair

Bon Bon Body Wear Underwear – $39 Per Pair

These combine functionality and fashion. They are super comfortable for the wearer, so for $39 you could say it’s worth the money.

This underwear is fashioned from top fabrics and offers a nice soft silk touch. Bon Bon Body Wear incorporated fun and colorful prints, with the true show stopper being the retro style underwear which makes the wearer feel all types of classy.

Some of the most outstanding features of this pair are the very comfortable modal fabric and eye catching gold waist band. They add a polished look to the underwear making it very comfortable to wear and also very nice to look at. They offer the promise of good fabric, comfort, style and a chance to exercise individuality. What is not to like?