Top 10 Most Expensive Underwear For Men


8. Naked Underwear – $45 Per Pair

Naked Underwear – $45 Per Pair

These are made with material that is finer than cotton or silk. This material is also lighter than the usual material used, therefore providing the feeling of complete comfort. They are made to ensure that your junk experiences total freedom.

Naked underwear are definitely not your normal boxers. They are specifically designed for comfort and are made of Italian leather. So there is no questioning whether this particular brand is of quality or not. They also offer a non-visible waist band and they are all manufactured with high environmental certifications.

7. Oasis Boxer from Icebreaker Underwear – $50 Per Pair

Oasis Boxer from Icebreaker Underwear – $50 Per Pair

 The name of this underwear just gives room for so many puns. They are made to protect the guy’s “delicate goods” while he is undertaking sporty and outdoor activities. They keep you warm, are odor resistant and most importantly, they breathe.

So if you like to keep your privates safe and warm (who doesn’t?) you’ve got yourself a winner. They are made with merino fabric and fit nicely on the body. This is one of those accessories that a guy cannot afford to miss in their underwear drawer.