Top 10 Most Expensive Underwear For Men


4. Frigo no.1 Athletic Underwear – $100 Per Pair

Frigo no.1 Athletic Underwear – $100 Per Pair
 This is a friendly one because it has smooth fabric on the pouch and therefore does not add pressure to your genitals. This model has some interior mesh which does not encourage sweating and also gives good support.

These boxers are ideal for the sporty man who is always up and about engaging in physically demanding activities. They provide a cooling zone effect therefore ensuring there is enough fresh air in those delicate regions. The Frigo No. 1 boxer can be customized according to size, ensuring they have something for even the most well-endowed gentlemen.

Just in case you didn’t know, 50 Cent promotes Frigo underwear and he signed a $78 million deal last year with the underwear company.

3. Derek Rose Otis Pure Silk Boxer – $157 Per Pair

Derek Rose Otis Pure Silk Boxer – $157 Per Pair

This is a pure silk boxer meant to flatter the one wearing it by offering complete and total comfort. It is made from the purest silk, hence the hefty price tag. It is made with a classic design that flatters the wearer because of its texture and the way it feels on the body.

This boxer offers the highest quality silk. It gains its quality from almost a decade of mastery of the crafting techniques used. This is definitely a brand to consider if you have some cash to splash on some silky drawers.