Top 10 Most Expensive Underwear For Men


2. Waffle Briefs – $170 Per Pair

Waffle Briefs – $170 Per Pair

These are said to be for the man who is conscious of their appearance and style…even when it comes to what’s under their clothes. They combine various factors such as style and luxury to give complete comfort to the wearer and they also come fitted with two 18-karat gold buttons.

This was probably to provide the man with luxury that many men do not get to enjoy.  These underwear are so well made that if you slipped into them, you’d think they were custom made by the manufacturer just for you.

1. Hermes Woven Boxer – $500 Per Pair

Hermes Woven Boxer – $500 Per Pair

This boxer has quite a price tag on it. One pair of Hermes Woven boxers goes for around $500 and looks to be worth the money. So on the day that you feel you need to spoil your man or yourself, go all out and purchase these underwear.

They are said to have good support and a very comfy feel to them. They have a classic design and are definitely guaranteed to provide support all day long. They are tailored for the wealthier class of society but they are a worthy investment to consider if you really want to pamper your junk.

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